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Free airplane videos:

Here is a special collection of free airplane videos from various places and locations. There are cockpit videos, airplane spotting videos, general aviation videos and other awesome airplane videos available on this page.

1. Boeing 737 cockpit takeoff. A high quality Boeing 737 cockpit video showing an engine start-up, taxi, takeoff and climb in the B737 airplane. See how the pilots operate this aircraft in night time conditions.

2. Westland Wessex helicopter cockpit. Here is a video that shows you a cockpit of the Westland Wessex helicopter that is on display at an aviation museum. You can see what it's like to sit in a real helicopter cockpit and also check out the various buttons and controls in the helicopter.

3. Cessna 152 takeoff and landing training. In this free airplane video you can see how student pilots perform their takeoff and landing "touch-and-go" training during PPL flying lessons. See how the future airline pilots start their flying careers in the awesome Cessna 152 pilot trainer.

4. Flying through contrails. A jet airplane flying through contrails at flight level 380. Enjoy the wonderful views from the cockpit as we cruise along with other aircraft at similar levels. Video filmed with a simple HD video camera.

5. Boeing 737 night landing. In this cockpit video you can see a night time landing as seen from the pilot perspective. You can hear the automatic callouts as we approach and land on this nicely lit runway. If you are a fan of the Boeing 737 then we hope you find this airplane video interesting.

6. Flying through clouds. A compilation of scenes showing airplanes flying into and out of clouds. You can see views from airplane cockpits, passenger cabins and outside. This video has a lot of clouds and breathtaking airplane views. Enjoy this free airplane video!

7. Piper 28 cockpit takeoff and landing. A video showing a flight in the cockpit of the Piper 28 Warrior airplane. Enjoy the nice views of the ruway as we take off and land in this awesome PA-28 plane. You can also see a Lockheed Electra landing when we were waiting for our take-off clearance.

8. Boeing 737NG simulator. An airplane simulator video filmed in the cockpit of the 737NG full motion sim. See how we perform an extreme circuit with a powerful takeoff and landing. This is definitely something you wouldn't do on a real airplane but only on a flight simulator or in a computer video game.

9. Cockpit video: flight deck instruments and views. A great cockpit video showing the flight deck of the Boeing 737 aircraft at various stages of flight. You can see the cockpit layout on the ground as well as flight instrumentation in the climb and descent. In the middle there are various scenic views as seen by the pilots during their daily job.

10. Cessna 152 cockpit video. A cockpit video filmed from the Cessna 152 airplane during pilot training. You can see an engine start-up, pre-takeoff procedures, departure and climb. If you are studying to become a pilot then we hope this airplane video will be of interest. Please note: This video is meant for entertainment purposes only! 

11. Gatwick Airport. A video filmed from a hotel room near London Gatwick airport. You can see several different airplanes and airlines departing and arriving at EGKK. Some aeroplanes featured are: Boeing 777, Boeing 747, Airbus A330, MD-80 and many more. (Airplane video filmed by a Sony Handycam video camera).

12. Boeing 737 take-off. A passenger window view video showing a Boeing 737 airplane taking off. There are some nice views of the airport once the airplane becomes airborne and begins the journey to their destination.

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