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Boeing 737 cockpit videos:

On this page you will find a lot of interesting Boeing 737 cockpit videos. AviaFilms is a real fan of the Boeing 737 and this is why we have created this section on our website to show you the best 737 videos we could find. The Boeing 737 is a very popular short to medium range commercial aircraft and we just love watching films about the 737 cockpit. We have added a lot of awesome 737 cockpit videos of all versions beginning from the 737 Classic and even the Boeing 737 NG cockpit. Enjoy our Boeing 737 cockpit videos!

1. Boeing 737-800 cockpit video. In this cockpit video you can see the Boeing 737-800 cockpit in HD featuring various 737 cockpit systems, controls, switches and flight displays. You can get a feel of what the B737 pilot sees from the Captain's seat of this commercial jet aircraft. We will show you the overhead panel, the oxygen mask, primary flight displays of the Boeing 737 and other systems.

2. Cockpit takeoff Boeing 737. Here is a cockpit video that shows you a view from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 aircraft during line up and takeoff from Runway 03L. You can see the pilot's eye view from the cockpit window as we accelerate for a nice take-off.

3. Boeing 737 cockpit. In this Boeing 737 cockpit video you will see how the various systems and flight instruments are being operated on the B737 aircraft. We will show you how pilots operate the cockpit equipment as well as testing the GPWS, TCAS and other 737 systems. There are also in-flight scenes as well as 2 landings filmed during both day and night time. If you are a fan of the Boeing 737 cockpit then we are almost confident that you will love this video. (The original content was filmed sometime in the 90's and transferred to digital format by AviaFilms).

4. Boeing 737-300 Classic cockpit. This is a demo video for a full length Boeing 737 cockpit film which we used to have on our website. Unfortunately, the main video has been discontinued but you can still check out this demo which has some nice views of the 737 cockpit in action during night time operations.

5. Boeing 737-800 cockpit during flight. An awesome video filmed from the observers perspective at Flight Lever 380 and cruise speed. This high quality 737NG cockpit video will show you what a pilot sees during cruise at night time. You can clearly see the overhead panel, the cetral pedestal and the primary flight displays of this brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft cockpit.

6. Go Around! This video will show you a landing in very strong winds and a subsequent go-around in the Boeing 737 simulator cockpit. Sometimes you can have a lot of fun in real full motion simulators and not only FSX! In this case the pilot decided to just touch the runway and perform a goaround. 

7. Boeing 737 cockpit landing. Here is another video showing a landing as seen from the flightdeck of the B737. In this video you will see some great footage of the Alps during approach to Milan Malpensa airport as well as some other views on approach. The video will mostly show you the view from the 737 captains window without the cockpit instrumentation. Nevertheless, we hope that you enjoy the landing.

8. Boeing 737 cockpit displays during landing. In the following video you can see the Boeing 737 cockpit primary flight display as well as the navigation display during instrument approach and landing. This is how pilots use the flight instruments during an ILS approach and manual landing after disconnecting the autopilot. You can see how the speeds change as the flaps and landing gear are extended. A real must see for the Boeing 737 cockpit fans!

9. Boeing 737 flying through clouds.  An awesome video in very good quality filmed from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 while flying into the clouds during sunset. This will make you appreciate the wonderful views airplane pilots see when flying jet airlines like the 737. It was simply amazing to see how the aircraft enters the cloud layer at high speeds and with such a nice cockpit view.

10. Boeing 737 cockpit video. Another great video showing a landing in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 EFIS. You will see a quick descent and landing - all filmed from the jumpseat of this Boeing 737 aircraft cockpit. If you want to learn more about this aircraft then check out this Boeing 737 article.

11. Boeing 737 cockpit video. An interesting video showing a landing as seen from the Boeing 737 cockpit. You can enjoy the awesome view of the city and the surroundings as this 737 comes in for a nice landings performed by the skilled pilots. 

12. Boeing 737 NG cockpit view. A cockpit view video filmed from the Next Generation Boeing 737 aircraft. The video shows the pilot's view when exiting clouds during a climb. You can enjoy a nice sunset and see how the cockpit instrument displays work on this new Boeing 737 airplane.

13. Boeing 737 cockpit takeoff. This video will show you a full cockpit view of the Boeing 737 during a takeoff at night. You can see how the pilots start the engines, taxi to the runway and execute a very nice take-off on this B737 aircraft. This video shows one of the older types of the Boeing 737 cockpit.s

14. Boeing 737NG cockpit. A general video showing an overview of the Boeing 737 cockpit while parked on the ground and passengers disembarking. You can see the layout of the 737NG cockpit displays as well as the autopilot, overhead panel and central pedestal. 

15. Boeing 737 cockpit landing night. In the following video you can witness a night landing as seen from inside the cockpit of the Boeing 737 airplane. Enjoy the full set of runway lights as we approach and make a good landing on the runway at this big international aiport at night. 

16. Boeing 737 motion simulator video. A complete traffic circuit flown at Salzburg Airport in the Boeing 737 full motion flight simulator. You can see how the pilots operate the fligh sim. of the 737EFIS aircraft at a very interesting airport.  

17. Boeing 737 cockpit landing video. A full stop landing in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 filmed from the captain's view perspective. If you ever wandered what an airline captain sees on landing then this cockpit video is exactly for you.  

18. Boeing 737 cockpit simulator landing. In comparison to the cockpit video shown above, this one will show you a landing in the B737 flight simulator carried out at London Gatwick Airport on runway 26L.  

19. Boeing 737 cockpit takeoff. In this video you will see an engine start and take-off in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 airplane. You will see and hear how the pilots prepare for departure, start the CFM56 engines and take this wonderful Boeing 737-300 to the night skies. At AviaFilms we just love the 737 cockpit!  

20. Boeing 737 cockpit landing in rain. Here is an HD cockpit video in which you can see a landing from inside the Boeing 737 flight deck as seen by the pilots. You can enjoy the cockpit view as we make an approach and soft landing in light rain. You can also see how the 737 cockpit window wipers are used.

21. Boeing 737 cockpit landing. An instrument approach and landing in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 airliner. In this video you will see a full stop landing, taxi to parking and engine/systems shutdown filmed from the cockpit of the 737. In this cockpit only old "steam gauge" instruments are used giving you a good opportunity to find out how the Boeing 737 was flown in the early years. 

22. Boeing 737-800 in flight cockpit video. This video will show you some in-flight views from the 737 flight deck as well as some cockpit instrumentation. The video was taken from the captains view perspective and gives you a good idea as to what a Boeing 737 pilot sees during flight. 

23. Boeing 737 flying into clouds. A cockpit view video filmed from a Boeing 737 aircraft when descending into clouds. See what the captain of a 737 airliners sees from his window during the descent phase of flight. 

24. CAT3 landing (CATIII). A real Boeing 737 cockpit simulator video showing a landing in fog (a Category III landing) The pilots performed an autoland which meant that the airplane basically lands itself on the runway. 

25. Boeing 737 cockpit landing video (autoland). Here is a video in which you can see an autoland performed in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 during night time. The weather conditions were very good and the pilots decided to make an automatic landing for practice in order to stay current in case they ever need to perform it in marginal weather conditions. See how the B737 makes an approach and a nice landing  from the flight deck of the airplane. 

26. Boeing 737 glass cockpit. In this cockpit video we will show you the glass cockpit displays of the Boeing 737 aircraft at various stages of flight. You can see what the intruments show on the ground, in the climb, cruise and descent. As a bonus we aslo added a nice cockpit overview at night. 

27. Boeing 737 cockpit. An HD video showing the Boeing 737 cockpit layout/instruments/displays etc when on the ground and in the air. Additionally this cockpit video shows you the views from the flight deck during climb, en-route and descend. Enjoy! 

28. Boeing 737 cockpit landing video. A video filmed a long time ago showing a landing in the cockpit of the Boeing 737. You can see the final stages of the approach and a very good landing at an international airport. The video camera used for this cockpit video was not very new however the picture quality is still quite good and in High Definition. 

29. Boeing 737 cockpit displays showing a thunderstorm. Avoiding some thunderstorm clouds (Cumulonimbus CB) during cruise in a Boeing 737NG. You can see how the weather looks like on cockpit displays of this aircraft. 

30. Boeing 737 cockpit landing at Bristol airport. In the following cockpit video you can see a Boeing 737 passenger airplane landing at Bristol Airport as seen from the cockpit of the 737. Enjoy the view of the runway 27 as we approach and land in this awesome B737. 

31. Boeing 737 landing: cockpit video. In this Boeing 737 cockpit video you will see an autoland in the B737 classic as seen during night time operations. Enjoy the views of the intrument panel on approach and the runway lights during landing. 

32. A UFO in the 737 cockpit. Here is a fun little Boeing 737 cockpit video showing you a flying ball in the cockpit. We will let you to figure out how this Unidentified Flying Object stays afloat in this 737 flightdeck. 

33. Boeing 737 cockpit landing. Inside the 737 cockpit during landing. A real flight deck video in which you can enjoy a night time landing as seen from the Boeing 737 cockpit. See how the skilled pilots perform an approach and a soft landing on a night lit runway in this amazing Boeing 737 classic cockpit. 

34. Boeing 737 cockpit view while flying into clouds. A nice little video in which you can see the view from the Boeing 737 cockpit while descending into an overcast layer of clouds. 

35. Boeing 737 cockpit landing video. This is a Boeing 737 cockpit video that shows you a landing at night as seen from the pilots perspective. Enjoy the view of the runway lights and altitude callouts as we make a soft landing in the cockpit of the Boeing 737. 

36. Boeing 737 overhead panel video. In this video you can see an overview of the Boeing 737 overhead panel with all the systems, switches, buttons, dials, knobs and controls that are used by 737 pilots during their daily flying duties. If you will be doing a Boeing 737 type rating then these are just some of the controls that you will have to learn to operate on the Boeing 737 overhead panel.

37. Boeing 737 cockpit video during landing. This is a pilot's eye view of a landing made from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 airplane. You can see a short final approach, landing and taxi in this 737 cockpit video. Enjoy the pilot office view as the flight crew makes a very nice and smooth landing at a big international airport.

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