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737 simulator:

737 flight simulator video collection. Below you will find several videos filmed on the Boeing 737 cockpit simulator during both pilot training as well as private hire simulator time. Enjoy the awesome full motion Boeing 737 simulator in action!

1. Go around in a 737 simulator. A short video of an attempted landing in very strong winds and windshear in a 737 flightsim. See how the pilot tries to touch the runway before executing a go around. This is the kind of fun you can have in flight simulators as opposed to real aircraft.

2. CAT III landing. An autoland carried out in the Boeing 737 simulator in simulated dense fog. Notice how well the autopilot lands the aircraft straight down the runway centerline. This type of training is very useful for pilots before they can perform autolands in real 737 airplanes.

3. 737 simulator aerobatics. This is definitely something you can only do on a flight simulator! A boeing 737 doing a full loop and rolls during a private flightsim session. At the end of the video you will see 2 landings seen from the first officer's perspective.

4. Boeing 737 simulator landing gear failure. In this 737 sim video you will see an exercise where the pilots have to manually extend the landing gear and carry out a full stop landing during which the landing gear collapses. 

5. 737 sim at LOWI. A takeoff, approach and landing in the Boeing 737 full motion simulator from Innsbruck airport located between high mountains. There are many interesting places in the flightsim database where you can play around in and this was one of those. We really enjoyed flying the 737 simulator at LOWI.

6. Traffic circuit flying in the 737 sim.  A standard traffic circuit (takeoff, crosswind, downwind and landing) flown in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 flight simulator by just one pilot. When pilots start their flight training for the 737 this is one of the basic exercises they do to get used to operating the 737simulator.

7. 737 cockpit simulator at Salzburg. A full takeoff and landing carried out from Salzburg airport (LOWS) by two pilots undergoing their flight training. See how the flightsim is operated by professionals on a routine training sortie. This is actually a very interesting airport to fly in, even in computer based flight simulator games such as FSX or FS2004.

8. Gatwick airport landing in the B737 simulator. A simple approach and landing as seen by a pilot sitting in the captain's seat of the 737 simulator. 

9. 737NG simulator. A fun flight in the cockpit of the 737 NG simulator. Check out this new video of a takeoff and a landing in the advanced 737 cockpit simulator taken for a test flight. This is something you shouldn't do in a real Boeing 737 cockpit though :) 

10. Boeing 737 cockpit simulator. A flight training video filmed in the Boeing 737 simulator. In the video you will see an engine start (one with a so called "hot-start"), a takeoff with an engine failure after V1, some stalls, steep turns and a GPWS alert recovery. All of this was carried out by student 737 pilots in the 737 cockpit simulator. 

11. Boeing 737 simulator pilot view. This 737 cockpit simulator video will show you a view from the co-pilot seat during cockpit preparation, takeoff and landing. Here is your chance to see what trainee pilots see during their type rating training or subsequent revalidations and/or exams.

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